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Molecular structure:

Molecular weight: 73.100
CAS RN: 127-06-0
EINECS 204-820-1
White acicular crystal. Melting point 61℃, boiling point 136℃, 134.8℃ (97.1kPa), relative density 0.9113(62/4℃), refractive index 1.4156. Well soluble in water, ethanol, diethyl ether and acetone; soluble in acid-base. Easy to hydrolyze in diluted acid. Volatilize rapidly in the air.  
  This product is used in organic synthesis and as analytical reagent in cobalt determination.
  Melting point: 60-63 °C(lit.)
  Boiling point: 135 °C(lit.)
  Density: 0.901 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
  Flash point 60 °C
  Water solubility 330 g/L (20 ºC)
Water treatment agent and boiler chemical oxygen scavenger
Relative density 0.9113, melting point 60℃, boiling point 134.8℃, toxicity LD50: 5500mg/kg. Well soluble in water, ethanol and other solvents. Aqueous solution saturated solubility is 25% (quality). The aqueous solution is neutral. Easy to hydrolyze in diluted acid. It can made potassium permanganate fade at room temperature. Mainly used in industrial boiler water chemical deoxidizer. Compared with traditional deoxidizer, it has the features of small dosage, high efficiency, no toxicity and no pollution, etc. It is the ideal choice in the stop protection and passivation of subcritical boiler and the substituent of traditional chemical deoxidizer in medium and high pressure boilers.
Passivator after boiler pickling
After pickling, the metal surface has high activity. Passivator is needed to generate compact protective film to avoid second corrosion. Experiment proves that this product can replace traditional passivator with better effect. It has the advantages of small dosage, no toxicity and no pollution.
General passivation parameters:
Scavenger concentration: 8000-900mg/l
  PH value (ammonia adjustment): 9.50-11
  Temperature (normal pressure cleaning system): 85-90
  Time: 14-18h
Thermal equipment stop using protective agent
For having strong reducibility, the aqueous solution of this product can form good magnetized film on the steel surface to retard the corrosion.
  Protective fluid concentration: 350-400mg/l(prepared with pure water)
PH: >10.5 (ammonia adjustment)
1. If the protective agent losses for sampling, use feeding equipment to replenish regularly.
2. Sampling for detection every week or half month. The stable concentration and gradually declining iron oxide are normal. The opposite phenomenons need checking out of the reason.
  Category: Toxic goods
Toxicity and safety
Toxicity grade: Medium
Acute toxicity: Oral-rat LD50:>500mg/kg; abdominal cavity LD50:4000mg/kg
Flammable hazardous properties: Open fire combustible; decompose and release nitric oxide under high heat
Storage and transport features: Stored in cool, dry and ventilated warehouse, separated from oxidants and acids.
Extinguishing agent: foam, carbon dioxide, dry powder, sand
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